Now offering PRODUCE!!!
Friday, May 10, 2013 at 08:51AM

We are so excited to announce that we will be offering produce boxes from Finca Pura Vida, another local farm 5 miles from our farm! Our family has been receiving weekly produce boxes from them for several months and have been so impressed that we wanted to offer them to you!

Finca Pura Vida uses beyond organic farming practices which allows them to harvest the most beautiful and delicious vegetables that we've seen from a local farm. Want to see for yourself? This photo is a picture of what our weekly produce box included. 

Each produce box will be $40 and will contain 9 to 10 seasonal items from Finca Pura Vida. For example, the box from this week contained:

Russian Kale, Celery, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Cilantro, Carrots, Beets, Turnips, and Collard Greens

The summer stuff will be ready soon so expect the boxes to have even more variety in them! 

We are offering these boxes to our existing delivery groups (CLICK HERE for delivery calendar). But our hope is to be able to offer them on a weekly basis and increase the frequency of our delivery groups. You may never have to go to a grocery store again! 

As the need for local food and support for local farms continues to grow, our desire is to be able to partner with other like-minded farms and artisans to bring you as much of a local variety as we possibly can. We know that there are "local goods" delivery services popping up all over the Houston area. However, this is different in a sense because we are farmers working with other farmers. We understand the challenge that farmers face in raising food and how to get it on people's tables. Since we're farmers working directly with farmers, the money goes directly back into the pocket of the farm to be able to expand to provide more diversity and quantity in our products. 

We hope that you are as excited about this as we are! We've been in the planning phase for this for several months dialoging back and forth with Finca. We know that there will be wrinkles to iron out as we go since delivering produce is new to us. But, once we get that down our goal is to be able to offer produce, meat, eggs, and other goods on a weekly basis. 

"Thank you" is not a big enough statement for the gratitude we feel towards our customers. You've allowed us to grow and have walked alongside us as we've grown. Your support of local farms and locally raised goods speaks directly into this growth. The community that we have with you is irreplaceable! 

CLICK HERE to place your order! Produce boxes are located under the "Additional Products" section at the botto of the order form. 

"Know your FARMER. Know your FOOD." 

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