We always encourage our customers and prospective customers to visit the farm.  New Customers please go to the order form on the right hand side under "Order Meat Here" and pre-order. On the Order Form there is a space to put a date and time for pickup.  We would love to meet you and look forward to serving you.  Thank you for your interest in supporting small farms and taking the time to see your "Food In Motion."

No drive-ups please. (979) 530-4444 OR sales@yonderwayfarm.com


And now.....

your daily dose of happy pigs raised on a happy farm. 







Plain good ole' animal husbandry....


(Farmer Jason watching over a sow delivering a litter of piglets)

Every single animal on this farm is an important piece of the puzzle. We value every birth, every hatch, and every single life and how each life is lived out. This cycle is evident with each and every day that passes on a farm. You are constantly planning for the new to come in and the old to fulfill their purpose.

We take good animal husbandry very serious. We're watchful over the birth of piglets. We keep track of when a heffer calves. We are meticulous with hatching eggs because the process is all about timing to the temperature degree and the day.

The beauty of animal husbandry happens in the daily workings of a farm. Through the daily chores that take place, we are able to connect and come in close contact with every single animal on this farm. We take notice if an animal isn't acting quite right. Or a flock of chickens seems to be smaller than average.

We want you, our dear customers, to know that we take pride in the stewardship and care of the animals on this farm. This is the benefit of raising animals on a small scale for us, as the farmer, and for you, as supporters of this.


Deliveries and Dog Food!

This is our new pup 'Buddy'! He and his sister 'Hazel' are being raised on raw grassfed goodness!

Has your dog tried the Ground Trim Raw Dog food yet? We are receiving rave reviews from pet owners. Their dogs are loving their grassfed beef and turning their noses up at dried kibble!

To order, it is listed on the order form under the 'Beef' section and is labled 'Ground Trim'.

This week we have our big deliveries around the Houston area and Bryan/College Station!

Tuesday's deliveries will be at Healthy Beginnings, Abundant Life, Discover, and CrossFit Champions!

Wednesday's deliveries will be in Bryan/College Station!

And Thursday's deliveries will be at Briargrove Park, CrossFit West Houston, Sienna Plantation, Sugar Land, and CrossFit Katy!

Farmer Jason will see you all this week at the deliveries.

Thank you so much for chosing our farm to feed you and your family!




Seasons come, and seasons go

Next to God, that is something that will never change.

In life, there is always uncertainty and things that are unpredictable.

We are never called to have all the answers,

Or to be able to plan for every circumstance.

We are to have faith.

Faith that comes not from ourselves,

But from One who has called us His people.

Change is ever-present.

One year of drought, then 4 months of rain.

Sustainability at its finest.

I have no idea what tomorrow will hold.

Who does?

Prayer, trust, and a love for family.

Thankful to have my five chicks to live each day with.

Change is coming.

The smell is in the air.

I know the sun will rise in the East,

and set in the West.

How we take that for granted-

The consistency of some things.

When everyday, around us, change is happening.


It grows you, refines you, makes you think outside the box,

Keeps you strong, ever moving, not growing complacent.

We fear change,

But in reality, change is necessary.

No fear here.

Only gratefulness for the opportunities we have had where we were at.

What will the next change be.

I have no idea, nor can I perceive.

I know one thing, wherever my family, pigs, and chickens are,

There too, I shall be.

Looking forward, pressing on.


- Farmer Jason


Open Farm Day Saturday, February 4th! 

Mark your calendars! We're going to be hosting another “Open Farm Day” coming up on Saturday, February 4 from 11 am to 2 pm. PLEASE RSVP NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND AT MIDNIGHT (LINK AT BOTTOM).


The purpose of “Open Farm Days” is really to cultivate community between us, as your farmer, and you, as our supporters. Showing you around the farm, brings us great joy too!


The farm tour will begin promptly at 11 am. This is a very laid back and brief overvue of the farm. Children are most definitely welcome as part of this and will enjoy seeing the animals in action. The tour will be finished up with a casual “Q & A” time with Farmer Jason.


Lunch will be served at 1 pm. For those of you who wish to enjoy some of the meat raised on our farm, lunch will be optional and an additional fee. We also welcome the option to bring a picnic-style lunch and enjoy it out on the farm.


Lunch options will include either Apricot-Glazed Pork -OR- Smoked Chicken Quarter with Broccoli Salad and Mashed Sweet Potatoes. There will be a child's plate option with a hot dog and sweet potato fries.




Cost for Tour:

$20/family (includes up to 2 adults and unlimited children)



Cost for Lunch:


$6/child's plate


We hope to see you out at the farm on Saturday, February 4th!



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