We are super excited to offer Yonder Way Farm products for home delivery to certain subdivisions around Houston.  As the need arises, and interest is sparked in new subdivisions, we will continually try and add new groups for Home Delivery.  If you are interested in possibly adding your subdivision, and there is interest from Friends/Families, please email us at sales@yonderwayfarm.com and let us know

Currently, we offer Home Delivery to the following Subdivisions every 2 weeks.

Alden Bridge Subdivision

Woodforest Subdivision

Spring Trails Subdivision

Benders Landing Subdivision

Inverness Estates Subdivison


To qualify for Home Delivery, a minimum order of $100 per order is required and there is a $10 Delivery fee on all orders.  This is far less expensive than if we have to ship the products via the postal service.


All you do is click on "Order Here" link on the right hand side.  Fill out the personal information, select the Home Delivery group you would like to join, select the products desired, and press submit.  That's it.


We ask that on the day of delivery, the appropriate amount of coolers for items purchased be put on the front porch.  If you have non frozen items like dairy products, ferments, veggies, kombuchas, etc, we ask that you please leave ice in the cooler so proper temp will be maintained.  We will not be liable for products that became damaged due to insufficient coolers.  We will carry extra coolers with at a $10 charge per cooler. 


We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve you and appreciate you supporting our efforts and allowing us to make a living doing what we love to do.  We could never do this without you. Thank you for choosing to support the small local businesses that are around you!!