We're thrilled to announce that we are officially shipping our farm raised and healthful meat to your door. We always encourage people to support their local economy and farms that are nearby them. However, we are also realizing that there is a great need for farms to be able to consistently meet the demands of families wanting to incorporate this type of food into their lifestyle on a regular basis.  We are one of the few farms that use zero CORN or SOY in our feed so finding farms is often times hard for people.
Because of the interest that we've received, we will ship our farm raised products directly to you!
Here are the details:
  • On the order form, fill out the info and when you get to Shipping, select Shipping so we will know you want it shipped.
  • Please select the size of the box you are going to be trying to fill.  This is done by pounds and will allow us to know what you are shooting for.  We will apply shipping price according to this.
  • Please know that shipping is not ever free.  Any farm that is saying that they have free shipping all over the US is simply adding the shipping cost in the price per pound cost of the meats.  We do not do that so we will add the shipping at the end. If you go over poundage wise, we will bump the order up into the next box.
  • We offer shipping for $25.00 anywhere in the great state of TEXAS. 
  • NOT ALL ITEMS CAN BE SHIPPED.  Please look next to each category and if it says "CANNOT SHIP" we really cannot ship those items.  They won't make it. 
  • You will receive email confirmation once order is placed with a summary of the order.  An invoice will be sent the day your order ships out.  Please pay ASAP. 
  • We ship out several days a week and will schedule yours to where it will be delivered at the soonest time possible without carrying over into the weekend.  This will be a disaster if this happens so we try to avoid it at all cost.
  • All meat will be shipped frozen with dry ice added to the coolers
  • You will receive an email from UPS with your tracking number info. Please be sure to keep an eye on your package.  If for some reason it becomes delayed or it doesn't arrive, please notify us immediately so we can try and figure out what happened.  We won't have much time to keep the meat from spoiling.
  • Please if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call or email us.  We want this to be as smooth a process as it can be. 

Thank you so much for choosing our farm products.  We are blown away by your support and look forward to serving you.