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PLEASE READ BELOW if you are ordering for the first time.

Ordering from Yonder Way Farm is EASY!

First Time Customers:

Welcome to the Yonder Way Farm Family. Thank you for choosing Yonder Way Farm to provide you and your family with healthful locally raised meats and eggs. We thank you for your support of our farming efforts. Our relationship with you is extremely important. 

PLEASE READ THE ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. We hope that this will help answer any questions that you may have regarding the ordering process.

1.)   Click on the link below to go to our online order form.

2.)   Once you are in the order form screen, type in your contact information along with your payment option and order. Make sure to check if you will be picking up your order from our farm (include date and time) or select the group you wish to have your order delivered to. For our delivery group schedule, CLICK HERE

3.)   Once the order form has been completed, please select the button labeled “Place Your Order” located on the bottom left on the order form. Scroll up to the top of the order form to view your submission and make sure it went through. 

4.)   IMPORTANT: Once we have received your order, we will begin the process of filling your order by weighing your meats. We must first weigh all of your meats to have an exact total for you. After we have your order filled, you will receive an online invoice via email with a credit card payment option You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card. You also have the option to bring cash or check to the delivery. 

5.)   Payment Options: You may choose to pay for your order using cash or check at the delivery site or when you pick your order up from our farm. If you wish to pay by credit card, your order must be paid for prior to picking your order up through PayPal.

For a detailed explanation of package sizes CLICK HERE for an explanation (pdf file).