Chickens on pasture at all times.  NO NETS!!!

  • Never confined
  • Supplemented with our Custom Milled NON GMO Feed, CORN and SOY Free
  • Guaranteed fresh

On our farm, we raise our laying hens on pasture at all times. By being free to roam the pasture, eat insects, and dust off in dirt- our hens are the definition of 100% free-range chickens. They are never confined. Our chickens are also supplemented with our Custom Milled NON GMO Feed, Corn and Soy Free. Our Hens are never given growth hormones, antibiotics, or medications.

There is much to be said about a true free-range pastured egg. In order to be a store bought organic egg, the laying hens must have only access to outdoors, but not be outdoors. The result of this has been to raise organic layers much like normal layers within confinement. Most certified organic hens never see dirt or grass. 

At Yonder Way Farm we have exceeded these standards set in place by the government by raising our hens on pasture at all times. This is what sets us apart by truly making our eggs free-range eggs. 

The health benefits of eating pastured eggs far outweigh the benefits of eating standard factory eggs. The chart below was taken from Eggs from hens on pasture are clearly superior in health than confinement hens raised indoors.