Blue Butts, Red Wattles, Spots, Poland Chinas, Blacks and Berkshires.  The more diverse the better for us.

  • Humanely raised and finished on pasture
  • Birthed and finished on our farm
  • Supplemented with Our Custom Milled, NON-GMO Feed with NO CORN OR SOY
  • Never treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, or vaccines

By raising pigs on pasture, they are allowed to do what pigs naturally do - root, dig, and graze. They have free reign to a variety of plants and dirt filled with minerals not available to confinement pigs.  They also have access to tons of acorns from oaks in the pasture.

Since pigs aren't ruminant animals, such as cows who require a strict plant-based diet, they scavenge eating roots, bugs, worms, and other things found within nature. A pig's diet is crucial to the outcome of the meat. Pigs eat virtually anything you put in front of them. Traditional pig farmers take advantage of this by feeding pigs anything available at cheap prices.  This is not what we do!

Have you heard the phrase "sweat like a pig"? Contrary to popular belief, pigs don't sweat. This is one of the reasons they need access to mud in order to cool themselves and the primary reason we need to consume pork from pigs raised on a diet rich in plants, roots and organic grains.  A healthy diet for a pig is critical to producing healthful and delicious meat.

 On Yonder Way Farm, our pigs are raised on green pasture from beginning to end.

They are birthed and finished on our farm, eating only what is available to them in nature and supplemented with our Custom Milled NON GMO Feed, with no CORN and SOY. Our hogs are never given any growth hormones, antibiotics, or medications.

They are free to root, make mud holes, and graze just as the life of a pig should be. Our pigs are free of confinement and humanely raised.

We invite you to taste and experience the difference of pastured pork.

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