Change of Seasons

chickens in the pasture at sunset
Fall is finally here. Well, kinda. Apparently it’s going to jump back up to 95 the next two days and then finally submit to the fact that Summer should have been over weeks ago.

The changing of seasons. Literally, that’s what it is. For most, when we say “man, this is a crazy season I’m in”, it’s more symbolism. We live in such a controlled environment that we are almost void of the predictable seasons that will come our way. There’s always four of them. I know if you’re in Texas, you’re calling BS on me. We kinda have just 2. Summer, Summer, kinda cooler weather, and Summer. That’s just a joke but really kinda true. I honestly feel the guaranteed seasons aren’t just here for nature, but going back to our roots, they were given to us to initiate balance. Some seasons allow for more productivity. Some seasons allow us to focus on more rest. Bottom line is, if we aren’t careful, not following the environmental seasons around us will drastically affect the internal seasons we each have. There is a time for everything. A time to break ground, a time to plant, a time to harvest, a time to store up and preserve, a time to rest and enjoy the fruits of our labor with those we love.

Not everyone gets to Farm for a living so I count it as one of the biggest lessons I am constantly being taught. Thankfully, I truly get to see 4 different seasons every year. Do I have it figured out? Not even close. I am a 3 on the enneagram so if you know what that is, you know I like to perform. My constant battle is “doing”. But, I do believe that all things benefit when there is balance.

I love Fall because it is the start of what I call “the down shift.” Cooler temps, shorter days, often lend itself to working on details for the future and spending more time next to fires and my family. Dreaming together about what the next year of harvest can be and what will come to fruition. Embrace the new seasons. Live fully within them and learn from them. If you don’t, you’ll find that life becomes a game of tug o’ war. Balance. Balance. Balance. Lord help me find BALANCE.

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