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Due to the unprecedented increase and fluctuation in shipping rates, we are not currently offering shipping as an option. We apologize for any inconvenience. You may still pick up at one of our delivery locations or directly from our farm. Thank you for understanding.



Texans Feeding Texans!!! We love for our customers to visit the farm, but we also know that is not always convenient.

To help with this, we gladly ship within our great state of Texas.  We will ship anywhere in Texas for $35 up to 40 lbs- anything over 40 lbs will require an additional box for an additional $20. There is a minimum of 12 lbs of meat.

We ship out every other Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Your order will get to your house overnight once it leaves the farm. CLICK HERE to view our shipping schedule. 

Why do we only ship in Texas? Well, I'm glad you ask.

When we first started farming in 2006, our desire to do so stemmed from a heart of community through local food.  We loved the idea that we could raise food, right here on our small farm and be a place that could connect and feed those that were around us.  It helped create a sense of how it use to be back in the day, when families would support the farmers that were around them, building a beautiful relationship of a true farm to table experience.  Not just in a trendy, one time event at a restaurant, but everyday in the meals we eat in our homes and as a family.  

Over the years food distribution has changed and now more than ever, we see where farms are choosing to ship their products all over the country.  Local food is no longer local anymore.  While this is an amazing feat of ingenuity to now be able to ship product all over the country, this is not where our heart is at Yonder Way Farm.  We truly believe in a local food system.  One that is able to feed the people that are around them.  Texas is a big state and we feel that there are more than enough Texans who believe in local food and are willing to support the Texas farming families around them. 

I'm not gonna lie, it makes me pretty sad thinking of our product passing another farm in another state in the back of a UPS truck.  We want people to be able to connect with the farms around them, get them plugged in, and invested in the farmers that are doing the hard everyday work in producing the highest quality food possible.  Is not shipping all over the country a smart financial decision on paper?  Absolutely not.  We get asked all the time to do it.  However, it doesn't align with our philosophy nor elevate our WHY so because of that, it's worth being a "hill we will gladly die on."  We truly feel that local food is still relevant and we will continue to fight for it.

If you are NOT from TEXAS and would like to connect with farms around you here are some links to look at.