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Food has been manipulated over the years. There is confusion surrounding labels with lots of smoke and mirrors. We have returned back to the natural ways of agriculture. Raised on pasture. No antibiotics. No growth hormones. Beef is grass-fed + grass-finished. Chickens and pigs have not been fed corn, soy, or GMOs.


We desire to have a healthy and transparent relationship between consumer and farmer. You deserve to know where your food comes from and exactly how it is raised. A closed food system is a secure food system that gives you peace of mind.

Family Run

What started in 2006 as a desire to feed our family the highest quality of food possible, grew into wanting to provide the same high quality for other families. There is no middle man. We are not “meat brokers”. We raise every animal that we harvest and sell from our farm.

Every egg should taste this good.

Our Perfect Pastured Eggs are the most flavorful, bright orange yolk you will ever find. Our birds are truly free range, pastured, outside in the fresh air all day, everyday. They are free to be chickens, doing what chickens do best; roaming freely, foraging for grass and bugs, and fertilizing the pastures.

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