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We are SOLD OUT of milk for Mon- 12/4, Tues 12/5, and Wed 12/6 deliveries. We do have milk availability still for Thurs- 12/7 deliveries. Thank you!

IMPORTANT MILK UPDATE: Unfortunately, Stryk's Dairy has made the decision to fully cut the milk that we pickup for our farm customers due to a decrease in their production. As you can imagine, this has been really disappointing news for our farm and community. We are in the process of trying to shift gears rather quickly and have found another dairy to work with.

Four E Dairy will be providing milk for our community moving forward. They have been gracious and wonderful to allow us to be able to get milk on such short notice this time around. For further info about their wonderful farming practices, you can visit their website. There will be a limited amount of milk starting out until they are able to fully work us in, therefore there is potential for milk only customers to not receive their milk.

As we iron out all of the wrinkles, we are confident that we will be back to being able to fulfill all milk orders.



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