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Pastured Chicken: Wings

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CHICKEN IS BACK! We are thrilled to announce that we have started working with Peach Creek Poultry in Willis, TX to be able to offer our community pastured chicken once again. They raise and process their own chickens with above and beyond standards.

From Peach Creek Poultry: Our chickens are fed a mix of barley, wheat, sorghum, sunflowers, and millet. They also eat grass and other plants. The chickens run in the grass and eat bugs and grasshoppers, giving them extra nutrients that they wouldn't otherwise have. With lots of space to run around in; our chickens get to act like chickens. Unlike factory-raised hens, which never see the light of day; our chickens enjoy true day and night cycles. This produces fewer stress hormones and a more natural and happy life for our birds.

The chicken feed tests are better than organic standards. It contains no antibiotics or steroids. Organic labels allow certain types and levels of both. Our supplier also tests for glyphosate which organic standards do not require.

When our chickens are processed, we air chill them to REDUCE moisture and body weight. Chicken in the store has up to 15% saline solutions pumped into it so you are buying 15% salt water. All processing is by hand so each bird is visually inspected inside and out by us. We do the packaging and weighing by hand on a Department of Agriculture Certified digital scale.

For more information on their farm, you can visit their website HERE

Approximately 10 wings per package. 2 to 3 pound packages.


Approximate price per package $20.00.