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LIMITED + SEASONAL!! The Perfect Pastured Egg (Per Dozen) PLEASE NO EGG ONLY ORDERS.

$8.50 Sold out

**A note from Farmer Jason: Our farm is currently in desperate need of rain and reprieve from the heat. As you may know, chickens don't do well with extremes of any sort- especially heat. We went from a very short Spring when our layers typically start picking up laying because the weather is much more mild and the days are longer than the Winter. However, because Spring was short-lived and Summer arrived early with unseasonably high temps, our layers have once again been under stress and stopped laying efficiently. Our egg collecting numbers are way down. In just one week, our egg production has decreased by 1/2. For this reason, we are still facing limited numbers on our eggs. Please know, we are doing the absolute best that we can to reduce stress and keep our layers comfortable with misters, more shade, and keeping them well-fed and well-watered. Please pray for rain.**

2 dozen maximum due to shortages

100% Pasture-Raised.

Corn and Soy free. Non GMO. 

No growth hormones and antibiotic free.

Price per dozen.

No egg only orders, please.